Personalized Coaching Session

A coaching session on any visa route with an eMigr8 coach/expert to provide you with a clear road map of your application

What you will get

  • Initial assessment

  • Exploring Pathways available

  • Discussion on Country of choice, Compulsory requirement, and meeting stipulated requirement

  • Ideas on meeting stipulated requirements

  • Reviewing your Tech profile / Tech-enabled business for qualification

  • Deep dive into the pathway of choice

  • Deep dive into your Tech-enabled business and minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Financial overview for visa application requirement

  • Endorsement letter guidance

  • Obtaining your references and what should be in your references

  • General guidance on application and checklist review – guidance only (all applications are completed by client)

  • Access to eMigr8 circle (premium community) including eMigr8 Short Inquiries sessions for 1 year