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eMigr8 is a tech-driven platform designed to simplify the visa process and facilitate international relocation for both individuals and tech businesses.

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Its overarching vision is to help talents become globally attractive, with obtaining visas seen as a natural outcome rather than the primary focus.


Using technology and innovative solutions, eMigr8 strives to assist individuals and tech-oriented enterprises in navigating the intricacies of international relocation.

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Its core mission is to make these entities highly appealing globally, emphasizing cultural intelligence, innovation, inclusivity, and ethical standards.


Through its structured visa pathway and comprehensive support, eMigr8 empowers individuals and tech companies to extend their influence and succeed in the competitive global technology landscape.

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How It Works

Help you structure your application

At eMigr8 we will help you structure your application to meet the visa requirements.

Coaching and Guidance

We offer coaching sessions to guide and handhold you through a successful application.

Review and assessment

Review of your Tech profile/ Tech-enabled business for eligibility, as well as assessment of your documents before submission.

Answer questions and concerns

Participants can ask questions during our open day sessions based on their unique circumstances. It's a forum where we drill down into various opportunities based on questions from participants.

Tech Career coaching and packaging

Tech career coaching helps individuals land their next role faster by offering coaching opportunities, relevant on-the-job experience and hand-holding through the entire application and interview process, and much more.

We Help you Become Globally Attractive

If you are globally attractive, you would have options from all over the world. The visa is only a side effect of this objective.

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Our Testimonials

eMigr8 is a resource hub for refining, improving, and packaging your migration application documents amongst other demands. Each coaching session provided by the Mentor. and his team is tailored to solve the challenges countless hundreds of people face when preparing to move to a new country of their interest. Whether it's moving to the US or the UK as a global talent, or getting a solid understanding of the attachable work benefits of these Visas and others, eMigr8 is the go-to point of access.

Moving to the US as a Global Talent is a great opportunity. The United States has a vibrant and diverse job market, with numerous opportunities for professionals across various industries. The country is home to many renowned companies, startups, and research institutions, offering the potential for career growth and advancement.

Ernest Ezema

IT Support Engineer/ Information Security Analyst

Prior to me hearing about eMigr8 and their unique services, I had limited scope of what the UK Global Talent Visa application process demands. Upon getting access to a coaching session with a Mentor, I was able to strategically package my evidence which led to my Visa application to be approved.

The UK Global Talent Visa is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to extend their relevance beyond their current location. The Visa comes with specific certainties that make one's life easy and interesting. Ultimately, it's principally focused on how much value you can provide.

Fred Oyetayo

Lawyer, Developer, UK Global Talent Visa Holder

As someone navigating the complex landscape of securing a UK Global Talent visa, I cannot speak highly enough of eMigr8 and their exceptional services. From the moment I reached out to them, their diligence and dedication were evident. They provided invaluable guidance at every step of the process, ensuring that I met all requirements and submitted a strong application. 

Thanks to their expertise and support, I successfully obtained my visa. I wholeheartedly recommend eMigr8 to anyone seeking assistance for relocation and settlement via Tech visa. They truly go above and beyond to help their clients achieve their goals.

Tunde Adeniran

Product Leader

eMigr8 Tech Visa Landscape

In a rapidly changing world, obtaining accurate information about tech-related visas is challenging. The “eMigr8 Tech Visa Landscape” guide addresses this issue by offering a comprehensive resource for tech professionals, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, and digital nomads. It covers visa options globally, provides in-depth insights, coaching, and assistance, and explores upcoming tech visa trends. With “eMigr8,” navigating the world of tech visas becomes more accessible and promising.

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