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eMigr8 Operates both Free and Premium Models

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Our Free Services

Monthly Open Day

  • We provide information on various visa routes to help you make rational decisions on your journey to becoming globally attractive.

eMigr8 Intro Session

  • Book a short session to speak to an eMigr8 coach to get guidance and initial assessment on your eligibility and help you get started ALL FOR FREE! 

Our Premium Services

Personalised Coaching Session

  • Book a coaching session to get your documents reviewed as well as a comprehensive assessment and guidance before you apply.

eMigr8 Circle (Premium Commuity)

  • Get short review sessions on evidence and documents with an eMigr8 coach every month for the next one year.

eMigr8 Premium Package

  • Get multiple key sessions at different times for the next 1 year.

Standard Package

  • Get up to 3 key sessions at different times to review and get guidance on your application with other short sessions at different times.

eMigr8 Custom Package

  •  If you are so occupied with your routines are not able to do it yourself, not to worry, we can help write your letters and put your application documents and evidence together based on your preference.

Tech Career Packaging

  • Land your next role faster in the UK that will come with a sponsored visa.